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The average book is a summary of the averages for all bowlers who are members of the association. The book lists each certified bowler's average of 21 games, or more, as recorded by the league secretary for the period of August 1st thru May 31st. Bowlers who did not have 21 or more games as of May 31st, or where the names submitted could not be identified with a membership number, are not listed. Information on these bowlers is available only from the official file maintained at the GHUSBC Association office.

Every effort has been made to keep the book free of errors, however some may exist. The book was published using submitted information. GHUSBC accepts no responsibility for errors in this book, but places the full responsibility on the individual bowlers to use the correct average in case it has been listed incorrectly.

2015-2016 (Adult) (Youth)

2014-2015 (Adult) (Youth)

2013-2014 (Adult) (Youth)

2012-2013 (Adult) (Youth)

2011-2012 (Adult) (Youth)

2010-2011 (Adult) (Youth)

2009-2010 (Adult) (Youth)

2008-2009 (Adult) (Youth)


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