Men's Invitational Tournament

A tournament held annually in the Spring for the male members of GHUSBC offering competition in Scratch and Handicap events.  Bowlers can compete in the Team event and Doubles & Singles event with options to participate in Handicap & Scratch All Events.  Multiple participation in the Team event as well as Doubles & Singles is allowed.  The highest score bowled in each event counts towards All Events. The bowler with the highest scratch All Events score will be the City Champion and will receive a paid entry into the TSUSBC Masters or Senior Masters Tournament.

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Men's Invitational Tournament

All entries MUST be completed online.


  1. You will need to have a community log in to access the program. It is the same one you would use if you wanted to look up a bowler or your profile on
  2. Also needed:  Bowlers Name and ID Number and 20-21 Average (you can download an entry form and use it to have the information handy when you are signing up)
  3. No singles only entries. You must register for Team, Doubles, and Singles plus All Events. (1 Team = 2 Doubles = 4 Singles = 4 All Events.)
  4. Select your date and times
  5. Manage your Team roster first, so names will appear for Doubles & Singles
  6. You will receive an email confirmation immediately when finished.

Past Men's Invitational Results