To find out more about the youth program click on one of the boxes below.  One of the benefits of youth bowling is the opportunity to earn scholarship money for college tuition. 

USBC Youth Bowler Eligilbility

Youth Membership Eligibility - Rule 400
USBC Youth membership is available to individuals who have not reached their 20th birthday prior to August 1 of the current bowling season and have maintained compliance with Item a below. Individuals who purchase Youth membership in a summer league and turn 20 prior to August 1 will be allowed to complete the summer league.
a. Except as provided in Item b, a youth may not bowl, substitute or pace in any bowling activity which offers any of the following as prizes:
    1. Cash or bonds.
    2. Merchandise exceeding $500 in value
b. Youth may bowl in singles competitions (including side competitions/brackets) offering such prizes, provided, prior to bowling:
   1. The youth and parent/legal guardian sign the Consent Form (See
   2. The competition agrees to award the youth's prize in the form of a scholarship; or
   3. The youth waives his/her right to any prize in violation of this rule.
In youth competition, youth members may participate in side competitions/brackets provided all entries are returned 100 % in the form of scholarships only and awards comply with Item a.
Buying or selling of earned prizes is prohibited.
Any youth bowler deemed in violation of this rule is subject to disciplinary action including the potential loss of youth membership.
NOTE: USBC has no limits on:
1. Scholarship amounts
2. Entry fees (must be paid directly to the tournament director/manager)
3. Reimbursements of actual travel expenses into the next higher level of competition or anytournament or event (Receipts must be provided upon request)
4. Prizes authorized by a grade/state high school athletic association or a collegiate athleticassociation recognized by USBC and USBC Collegiate.
It is the responsibility of the student-athlete participating in high school sports to know what prizes/awards could violate amateur status rules established by their high school athletic association.
The prizes authorized by a state high school athletic association or a collegiate athletic association recognized by USBC and USBC Collegiate are not subject to the limitations of this rule.